Precast panels are widely used in villas and high rise buildings as well as commercial and office buildings. Emarat Europe offers variety of precast panels. Emarat Europe’s precast panels can be categorized into following three types:

Cladding Panels

Cladding panels are non-load bearing architectural panels, which fulfils aesthetic and decorative purpose in the façade. These panels are designed as individual panels taking into grant the wind load and self weight only. The panels are produced in controlled and high quality environment. Custom made steel moulds are used to produce the panels in exact sizes and shapes specified by the designer. Moreover, specific color effects can be achieved by varying aggregates, cements, pigments and different surface treatment.

Emarat Europe produces cladding panels in a variety of shapes, textures and colors in order to fulfill customer’s architectural and aesthetic tastes and requirements.

Solid load bearing panels

Solid panels can be produced as load bearing wall panels as well as non-load bearing wall panels. These can be used as interior and exterior panels. The same advantages of cladding panels can be achieved in case of producing exterior panels. For Load bearing panels, the basic structural requirements are to be fulfilled for transferring horizontal and vertical forces. Load bearing panels can be designed to act as shear walls also, thus eliminating the need to resize the columns and beams for lateral forces.

As a standard, Emarat Europe produces 100 and 120 mm thick non-load bearing wall panels and 150,180,200,250 mm thick load bearing wall panels. However, any thickness can be produced if required.

Acoustic and heat insulated sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are widely used in villas, hotels, offices, industrial and commercial buildings where effective thermal and acoustic control is needed.

Insulated sandwich panels can be used both as cladding panels and load bearing panels with or without architectural shapes and finishes. The panels are designed for horizontal wind pressure as well as dead and live loads.

Emarat Europe produces Sandwich panels of standard thicknesses of 180, 200, 230 and 260 mm. External skin thickness is 60 mm and the insulation thickness is 50 mm. However, any thickness can be produced if required by the client.


  • Various and distinctive finishes can be provided
  • Architectural and aesthetic tinge can be applied
  • No requirement for expensive form work and scaffolding
  • Short construction period and low maintenance cost