Boundary Walls/Fences

Pre-cast concrete fences and boundary walls are used for variety of purposes, such as privacy, security, freeway sound barriers and perimeter safety barriers.

Emarat Europe’s Boundary wall systems offer a high quality product and can be custom designed to meet the individual project requirements, in terms of dimensions, design features, shapes, colors etc.

Boundary walls are designed as self -standing and resisting wind force only. However, special designs can also be carried out in cases where there is a significant level difference between the inside and outside ground level, and the boundary walls have to retain earth pressure in horizontal direction in addition to wind force.


  • Design flexibility in providing variety of shapes and heights
  • Architectural and aesthetic uniqueness by providing various surface finishes and textures
  • Short construction and erection time
  • Low maintenance costs

Emarat Europe’s skilled engineers design, produce and install the boundary walls which tailor to the needs, requirements and tastes of the clients and individual projects.