QHSE Policy

  • Strive  for continual improvement by setting integrated management systems      objectives, targets and regular performance monitoring with an emphasis on      environment and personal safety.
  • Identify      risks and significant impacts that may arise due to design, production and      erection of pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete products and to establish      best operational controls for environmental and occupational health &      safety related activities.
  • Lead      our employees to communicate, participate and work as a team to develop      good working environment and business practices.
  • Comply      with applicable statutory, regulatory and legal requirements related to      services rendered by our company.
  • Serve      internal and external parties by creating an environmental friendly      atmosphere with an emphasis on health and safety aspects.
  • Committed      to implement an effective system to prevent injury, ill health,      environmental pollution and depletion of natural resources resulting from      our work activities.